Pressing Flowers for Card Making

Pressing flowers for card making is a fantastic technique and one that is easy to master. Its also popular because it doesn’t require any expensive equipment or tools. Flower pressing was originally made popular by the Victorians who would gather collections of wild flowers in order to keep them in family albums and their bibles. […]

Card making embossing machines

Embossing Machines: All You Need to Know

Embossing is one of the most popular card making and crafting techniques. For good reason as it creates an elegant and beautiful look. If you’ve read our guide on everything to do with embossing and embossing tutorial you will be familiar with its background, what in involves and how to do it. You might not […]

How to do card embossing

How to Emboss Cards and Paper

Embossing is a fantastic way to add an extra dimension to your cards. It’s one of the most popular techniques in making your own cards and for good reason. The different textures and looks you can create through embossing is almost limitless, and providing you emboss well (and this guide will make sure you do!) […]