How to Make Handbag Card Tutorial

Purse or handbag cards are beautiful and lovely looking cards to make. They’re also a lot easier to do than you might imagine.

If you’ve been put off trying one because you thought it’d be too difficult then you might want to think again.

So follow our simple guide to get a stunning looking handbag card that will be the perfect card for any girl.

Handbag Card Method

We’re going to make our handbag card from scratch, however you can use a ready-made template if you prefer. In fact, here’s one for you!

Just click on it below to enlarge the handbag template, then right click and choose “save as” to save it. You can then print and use it to create lovely handbag cards.

Handbag card template

But if you prefer to do all the work yourself then read on.

  1. Using your choice of A4 card, fold it in half like a tent (a tent fold) keeping the spine at the top.
  2. Measure in a few centimeters and mark down your card in a slight diagonal on both sides. You can do it either from the top or bottom. All it will do is give your handbag card a different shape.
  3. Next cut down, or up depending how you marked it, the outside edge. This should now give you the handbag shape.
  4. Next cover your card with whichever paper you gave decided on. Use the outline of the handbag shape to cut your paper to fit.
  5. Ok, we now want to make a handle. There are a few ways you can accomplish this. The simplest is to just punch some holes in your card and then thread cord or braid through. However, another easy way would be to use a die cut shape. You will probably want to make 2 of them and glue them together if you do it this way. Alternatively you could trace round a shape. If you were confident enough then you could even draw one freehand.
  6. To attach the handle to the card we recommend using velcro fasteners. Join them first then attach them to the 2 sides of the handle.
Handbag card handle
Image source: Card Making Magic

After that you will have the basic handbag card and you are free to add anything else you like to it. You can use any sort of embellishments you like, although flowers are often the most popular for handbag cards. Gems would be great as well. Attach ribbon to the handle or even using ribbon to hold the handle in place (just punch some holes in the card and thread the ribbon through before tying to hold it)

You have so many options with this type of card so don’t hold back! If you need any extra inspiration then gave a look at some of the amazing handbag cards below.

Handbag card
Handbag card
Handbag cardHandbag card from the side

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  1. I just love this card and will try to do it justice when I make it. Just a suggestion…proof reading the directions to ensure no spelling mistakes would make this much more professional.


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