Pressed Flower Greetings Card Tutorial

If you’ve followed our guide on how to press flowers then you should by now have a good selection of flowers. You can now use those to create some beautiful handmade pressed flower cards.Pressed flower greetings card tutorial If you are planning to send your card to someone you know well you can choose to use their favourite flowers. Or you can just go with the flowers for the particular season. Making a pressed flower card is a very straightforward process. Let’s get to it!

Pressed Flower Greetings Card Tutorial‚Äč

Trim the stalks off that may create bumps or irregularities and try to pick a selection of flowers that match in size and colour.

What you Need

  • A selection of pressed flowers
  • Blank cardstock
  • An envelope
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Tea towel
  • Tweezers
  • Small Cocktail stick


  1. Select your flowers and leaves. Make sure they’re the right size for your card and not too big or small. Use your tweezers to arrange the leaves first. Then glue them down using a small cocktail stick to apply the glue.
  2. Next arrange your chosen flowers in tip of the leaves. Build the design in terms of size and shape. Move them around first trying different patterns to see what looks best. Once happy, glue them in the same way as you did with the leaves.
  3. Cut a piece of clear sticky backed plastic. Make it smaller than the card so it’s edges don’t overlap. But it still needs to be larger than the arranged flowers. Peel its back off and place it over the card, sticking it down.
  4. Lay your tea towel down over the card and using a cool iron (not hot!) press on it fit a couple of minutes.
  5. That’s it! For an extra touch you can add a small arrangement of flowers on the inside of the card alongside your message. Finally pop your card in its envelop and your ready to send it.

Quick Tip

If you feel you haven’t positioned your plastic clear film wrongly you can rectify it. Place the card in the fridge for 30 minutes and then gently lift the film off. The cold reduces it’s adhesivness. Let your card reach room temperature before proceeding again.

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