Paper Punches

Paper punches are a great way to add some extra little embellishments and effects to your cards. They are also extremely simple to use and very much a ‘does what it says in the tin’ sort of tool. In that they punch paper. And that’s it. Very straightforward. Which in the world of complex tools is a blessing. This makes them great addition to any crafter’s selection of tools and equipment.

Paper punches come in a while range of sizes, shapes and designs. There are punches for pretty much everything you could think of. Which is great because it will mean you can always get a punch for even the most niche card you’re making. Using them is easy as pie. Just put your piece of card into the punch or slot, push down and presto! You’ve got a live of paper/card with the pattern punched out and the punched out piece itself ready to be used as an embellishment or for anything you wish. Just be careful with thick card in case your punch can’t handle it and becomes blocked up and jammed.

Here are a few ideas for using your paper punches

Paper Punch Ideas

One of the most popular uses for punching is to add the punched design to the corners and border of your card. You’ve probably seen this a lot in card making and it’s a fantastic way to really liven up your cards. And of course very easy to do!

Using holographic or glitter card to punch shapes from and then use in your cards gives an additional dimension to them. Experiment with what works best for each design but be sure to try the glitter and holographic.

You can again add to your borders. Lace looks amazing and if you layer it up you can create a really stunning effect.

Flowers are easy to create and can be used to brilliant effect. Layer them to produce something really lovely or just as small decorations throughout your design. You can even add some glitter or gemstones to them to really add  a some extra baking or glamour.

The options are endless for punching and you can use them to create almost any look or shape – animals, hearts, stars, trees, esoteric shapes, weddings, Christmas etc.Card punches card making design And because it’s all so simple you can make beautiful cards that require almost no skill or really tricky techniques!


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