Free Pergamano Patterns for Making Cards

Free Pergamano Patterns

We just love parchment craft, it’s so beautiful, intricate and elegant. Even just a basic design can look fantastic.
You will see and hear people refer to ‘parchment craft’ as Pergamano, but in fact “Pergamano” is the a brand name for the biggest range of tools, inks, vellums and books available. Free Pergamano patterns are often shared by Parchment Crafters widely online. There’s a real sense of community and the feedback inspires those crafter’s to continue with their creativity. For the more adventurous Parchment Crafter, there are also lots of free images suitable for conversion to patterns – these are based on black and white illustrations, textiles and embroidery designs from vintage books.
If you want something more contemporary, you could use a digital stamp as the basis of your pattern.

If you want to save and use any of the free parchment patterns below, follow these instructions:

  • Click the pattern to enlarge it.
  • Right click anywhere on the image and a menu will pop up.
  • Click on “Save Image As”.
  • Choose a folder or destination for your pattern.
  • Click save


Parchment Craft Sites

There are many parchment craft sites made by individuals scattered around the net, from all around the world and some offer free patterns. A quick Google search will give you a multitude of different options. Of course the bigger brands all offer freebies, such as the

If you use any of the free patterns we’d love to see the cards you create! Please submit them to our Ideas Gallery and show them off!


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