Flower Card Ideas

Ah, flowers. Endlessly pretty and sophisticated. They look lovely and exude elegance. So a natural accompaniment or theme for your cards. You’ll have seen that flowers playback big role in card making, be that as small embellishments or the major theme if the card. This is because they are ideal for many ocassions that requires a card. Flowers fit perfectly for weddings, congratulations, sympathy, anniversaries etc. And you can vary the type of flowers you use – elegant and subtle, crazy and bright, include shiny gemstones in the middle etc. There are so many variations and styles you can create with flowers. You can even press flowers onto your card for an extra special effect! If you need a good dose of inspiration along the lines of what we’ve just been through then see our flower card ideas below.

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Flower card ideas

There are so many different ways to create flowers on your cards. You can use felt, tissue paper, layer up card etc. They all work brilliantly for flowers and each give their own effect and feel.

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You can make flowers from almost anything, in this case just cut some things strips of patterned paper and attach them using a brad. Extremely quick and simple to create they look fabulous!

This is is a very simple flower card that anyone can make. You will need some blank cardstock, a piece of card, a “Happy Birthday” stamp and some pens for drawing. Just cut out a few bits of cards and draw your flowers on them. Cut some more card and create a little spring type tab that you attach to each of your flowers and to the card using glue. Then just stamp your greeting, in this case Happy Birthday, underneath. Done!

Flower card ideas for handmade cards and card making

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