Embossing Machines: All You Need to Know

Embossing is one of the most popular card making and crafting techniques. For good reason as it creates an elegant and beautiful look. If you’ve read our guide on everything to do with embossing and embossing tutorial you will be familiar with its background, what in involves and how to do it. You might not know a lot about embossing machines though, and how they can make your embossing easier and different. If so then read on as we tell you everything you need to know about embossing machines.


What are Embossing Machines?

Embossing machines are machines that emboss! Ok, we’re being a bit silly, but that is sort of all there is to it. Instead of having to do the embossing yourself – buying the powders and ink, using a heat gun etc. The machine does the work for you. Card making embossing machinesThey also give you the option of using embossing folders. These are plastic folders with an embossed design on one side and a debossing side on the other. You put your card or paper in between the folder, feed it through your embossing machine and it embosses the design onto your card/paper.

Basically an embossing machines make embossing easier for you.

How Do They Work?

Incredibly simply! As above, you take your chosen embossing folder, place your card/paper into it, put that into the embossing machine (possibly in between 2 embossing plates). This is fed through the machine which applies pressure to both sides causing the raised part to be permanently embossed onto your card/paper. Very straightforward and easy to understand.

Types of Embossing Machines

Funnily enough a standalone embossing machine doesn’t actually exist. Seeing as the technique uses pressure to achieve the resulting designs, it is almost always paired with Die-Cutting. Card making embossing machines 2Die-cutting also uses pressure to produce it’s designs. So the machines come as standard being able to do both embossing and die-cutting. Which is handy!

There are usually three categories that the embossing/die-cutting machines fall into: manual, electronic and computerised. But! Only manual and electronic have the capabilities to also emboss. So if you want an embossing machine, don’t get a computerised one.

Manual machines are as they say – manual. You work them yourselves, pulling or turning a handle/lever that pulls the embossing folders and plates through the machine. An electronic one has a motor that does that process for you.


As have been mentioned above, along with your machine you will need some embossing folders. There are so many folders out there in different patterns, designs and sizes. Card making embossing foldersThey are produced by some of the most famous and well known papercraft brands, such as Tattered Lace, TODO etc. Remember to make sure the the folders you choose are compatible with your embossing machine!

The only other thing you really need then is the material to emboss onto, which is likely to be paper or card if you are making your own cards. Any cardstock will be fine so you have the freedom pick what you like.

You don’t have to use an embossing machine but they are definitely a great tool to have, especially if you are a keen embosser.

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