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[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Sending the happy couple a wedding card for their big day is not only the usual thing to do but a touching gesture. You can add to their celebration with a beautiful wedding card. If you’re new to making cards then there a good chance wedding cards will be some of the most common or popular you make. Lots of weddings happen and people love to send wedding cards. It shows the couple you are thinking of them and care. They also give you a chance to flex your creative muscles. But if you’re struggling with a design or idea of what to create have a look at the wedding card ideas below. They should give you some inspiration for creating a magnificent wedding card.

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This is an extremely easy yet effective way to create a wedding card. All you need is:

  • A heart shaped paper punch
  • Glitter paper or card to punch it out
  • A single gemstone
  • A piece of ribbon or bow
  • Stencil or stamps for the wording

The process is very simple. Stamp or stencil on your chosen wording. “On your Wedding Day” is great but other sentiments will work just as well. Next punch out your heart shape from your glitter card/paper. Glue it and the bow/ribbon to the card appropriate to where you stamped your words. You can glue the gemstone before or after you’ve attached the heart to the card. And you’re done!

This is another very easy to-do card. You need almost nothing in the way o techniques or supplies. All you need is:

  • Plain cardstock
  • Heart and border peel-offs
  • Wedding sentiment peel-offs

All there is to it is sticking the border, hearts and sentiments to the front of the card. Arrange them in any way you like. It’s incredibly simple yet you still end up with a beautiful wedding card.

This card is slightly more difficult than the first two but still relatively simple. You will need:

  • Ribbon
  • Heart shaped punch
  • 2 types of glitter card or paper
  • Bobbled dot card (you can emboss this yourself)
  • Plain cardstock

Cut your bobbled dot card and glue it to your plain card. Attach your bit of ribbon. Punch your 2 glitter hearts then glue them to the bobbled card. Using a small piece of plain card write on it your chosen sentiment and glue that on.

You can recreate these cards exactly or just use them to give you some if your own ideas. Don’t forget to have fun with them through!

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