Free Pergamano Patterns for Making Cards

Free Pergamano Patterns We just love parchment craft, it’s so beautiful, intricate and elegant. Even just a basic design can look fantastic. You will see and hear people refer to ‘parchment craft’ as Pergamano, but in fact “Pergamano” is the a brand name for the biggest range of tools, inks, vellums and books available. Free […]

Free cross stitch pattern guide for card making

Free Cross Stitch Pattern Guide for Card Making

Find the best way to glamorise your free cross stitch pattern and find unusual inspiration for making your own. Originally many people found their way into card making via cross stitching. Whilst making their own birthday or Christmas card they would stitch a design for it and put that into an aperture card. But that […]

Animal card ideas for handmade cards and card making

Animal Card Ideas

A great theme for a card is one involving animals. They’re cute, funny and everyone loves them. They work perfectly for cards of almost any type. Birthdays, sympathy, congratulations and more. They’re just a brilliant way to liven and make a card interesting, and also give you the opportunity to make them funny, sweet, or […]

Birthday card ideas for handmade cards and card making

Birthday Card Ideas

A birthday card is possibly the most common card you will send and make. Everyone has a birthday and everyone likes to receive a birthday card so it’s not surprise if you find yourself making a lot of them! And really that’s a good thing. It’s touching to receive a card for your birthday, whatever […]

Flower card ideas for handmade cards and card making

Flower Card Ideas

Ah, flowers. Endlessly pretty and sophisticated. They look lovely and exude elegance. So a natural accompaniment or theme for your cards. You’ll have seen that flowers playback big role in card making, be that as small embellishments or the major theme if the card. This is because they are ideal for many ocassions that requires […]