At Card-Making-World.com we’re as passionate about card making as you could be. It’s what we love to do. The chance to be creative, to see designs and ideas that were only thoughts come to life. And to see the reaction those cards get when they are received by the intended person. Knowing they’ve received something that has been given real thought to it. It’s a gift in every single way and a hobby to be treasured.

We want to share our passion with as many people as possible, and that’s where Card-Making-World.com comes in. That enthusiasm has been put into every aspect of the site and we hope it shines through. From each article and tutorial through to projects and tool guides/recommendations. We want to take beginners and start them on their own card making journey and we want to help keep the flame burning in the experienced carders. That means you. Your input, ideas, feedback and use of the site is essential. If you aren’t getting what you want from Card-Making-World.com then we won’t be happy. Most of all we want you to continue enjoying making cards.

With that in mind we hope that Card-Making-World.com will become a hub for card making, spawning a community amongst crafter’s who love it like we do, where they can come together and share ideas, tips and encourage their creativity to flourish.