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Top 5 Best Die Cutting Machines Reviewed

Getting the correct and best die cutting machine for your needs can be difficult. There are many brands and models available that are suited for varied tasks that you may or may not need. Some will be perfect for you, some too fancy or advanced and some that you will flat out want to avoid! […]

Die cutting machines

Die Cutting Machines

Die cutting is a great card making technique to know. It will give you some fantastic looking cards once you’ve mastered it. If you’re coming into the article without having read our full guide to die cutting then start there first. That will give you its background, what it involves and how you go about […]

Card making embossing machines

Embossing Machines: All You Need to Know

Embossing is one of the most popular card making and crafting techniques. For good reason as it creates an elegant and beautiful look. If you’ve read our guide on everything to do with embossing and embossing tutorial you will be familiar with its background, what in involves and how to do it. You might not […]